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Learn how CEO Ashley Ryckman is creating conversation and community with her wigs and products by inspiring women to believe they deserve their own unique Chic Lifestyle



Our “Chic Boutique” has turned into so much more! With an empowered community of over 100K women from across the globe,  Our Mission Statement is Simple.


When I say Believe You Deserve It,  I don’t just mean a new wig or top. I also mean things like love, respect, safety, and joy. 


Like many women in our community I've battled my weight and my worth my entire life. As a trauma survivor and having once tipped the scales at over 300 lbs I understand how difficult it can be to feel comfortable in your own skin! I’m proud to provide products and services that help women feel as fearfully and wonderfully made as they are!


Chic Blessings,


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